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Inter Milan's draw against FC Barcelona meant Tottenham had to win to keep the Champions League dream. Tottenham Hotspur voluntarily withdrew from the tournament after it became clear that they had broken tournament rules. They play a home and an away game against each club in the group. September 22 – Ostend is recaptured after a three-year siege by the Italian Ambrogio Spinola, as army commander in the service of Archduke Albrecht, albeit with the loss of Sluis aan de Staatsen to the north. November 8 – Siege of Cracow Castle by armies of Ambrogio Spinola. The siege of Rijnberk by Ambrogio Spinola during the Eighty Years' War. August 9 – During the Siege of Oldenzaal, the city, defended only by 500 soldiers, is taken by a Spanish force led by Spinola. October 28 – Spinola takes Wachtendonk during the Siege of Wachtendonk. He couldn't stand the fact that Didier Drogba had been sent off and referee Frisk and Barça coach Frank Rijkaard had a chat during half-time. If this cannot be released, he advises to aim for peace. The Northern States General want their sovereignty to be recognized first, before peace can be negotiated with the Spaniards.

In the end he chooses peace. The big bone of contention is the effect of peace on trade. September 21 – Second attack on Bergen op Zoom. 23 August – First attack on Bergen op Zoom by Du Terrail. February 7 – Attack on Erkelenz – Frederik Hendrik van Oranje takes the city by surprise and captures Hendrik van den Bergh. April 30 – Den Briel, Vlissingen and Fort Rammekens (the "towns of pawn") are repurchased by the Republic from the English for £250,000. Here he started for the first time in the starting eleven of the first team on September 25, 2012, during a match in the League Cup against Aston Villa. Kevin De Bruyne was injured early during the match and stated that his hamstring had been bothering him for two months after the match. During those meetings, the presence of two factions soon becomes apparent in the Republic.

Because it became 2-1 twice, penalties had to offer a solution. Spain Real Madrid Atlético Madrid El derby madrileño Battle between the two most successful clubs from Madrid. Raphaël Varane (Real Madrid) also made his debut for France in the match against Georgia. Ambrogio Spinola receives secret instructions in Madrid for securing the succession in the Netherlands, in case one of the archdukes should die and the marriage remains childless. Maurits van Oranje likes it, in exchange for a position as governor or viceroy. The States army of Maurits van Oranje still tries to relieve the city, but is too weak. After a siege of several weeks, Rijnberk had to surrender to the Spanish army. August 14 – Ambrogio Spinola captures Grol after a ten-day siege. January 31 – In Rotterdam, the Spanish envoy Marquis Ambrogio Spinola comes ashore at the Spanjekade for peace negotiations at the site of the Rotterdam admiralty between Spain and the Northern Republic. On 25 January 2013, Arsenal loaned Frimpong to Fulham for six months. The Arsenal FC shirt worn at the Emirates Stadium contains the standard colors red and white, in line with the club's identity.

In 1878 the young club also played its first game, which was won 6-0. August 28 – Spain and England conclude the Treaty of London, ending the Anglo-Spanish War and support for the Dutch Revolt. September – the Amsterdam clergyman Jacobus Arminius is appointed professor of theology in Leiden with the support of Prince Maurits. October 9 – Battle of Mülheim between Maurice of Orange and Ambrogio Spinola. They were used on the service between Europe and Australia, where heavy losses were suffered in the first years, but with which a large market share was acquired. May 26 – Battle of Sluis, between the Spanish fleet under Frederico Spinola and the Zeelanders under Joost de Moor. October 29 – Count Ernst van Nassau and Maurits van Oranje retake the city of Lochem from the Spanish occupiers. March – Ambrogio Spinola takes the city of Lochem. March 22 – Bredevoort is relieved by Frederik Hendrik van Oranje who lets the gang go on very favorable terms, with a flying banner and taking plundered goods with them. March 14 – Bredevoort is overrun by a Spanish band consisting of 500 horsemen and 1400 foot soldiers led by Guielmo Verdugo, who manages to take the city through a ruse.

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