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After a siege of almost two months, the city surrendered on September 20. April 12 – An eight-month ceasefire is concluded. April 8 – Comparison of The Hague: a new treaty is concluded with the Count of East Frisia, in which he must accept the Dutch occupation (and the ecclesiastical consequences) for an indefinite period. August 28 – Spain and England conclude the Treaty of London, ending the Anglo-Spanish War and support for the Dutch Revolt. This begins Spinola's campaign of 1605-1606, with which, for the first time since 1594, the war now moves north of the major rivers, so that the Republic sees itself threatened at its very heart. A new tail rudder was delivered from London on a British Airways Boeing 747, so that the flight could continue after repairs. Concorde was already outdated on the first flight. Because England did not qualify for the World Cup that followed and Dixon was no longer included in the England selections, he never played a final tournament.

Du Terrail attacks in vain for the second time, losing more than a hundred men. March 14 – Bredevoort is overrun by a Spanish band consisting of 500 horsemen and 1400 foot soldiers led by Guielmo Verdugo, who manages to take the city through a ruse. The Genoese Ambrogio Spinola arrives in the Southern Netherlands with 9000 men to restore the archduke's authority. A quarter of a million Protestants then fled the Southern Netherlands. With this, the Lutheran church gains followers in the Northern Netherlands. March – King Henry IV of France attempts to be recognized as sovereign of the Netherlands. The Dutch state lawyer Van Oldenbarnevelt and a representative of the Spanish Supreme Commander of the Southern Netherlands Spinola start negotiations about a possible truce. In the States of Holland and West Friesland, Amsterdam stands alone in its opposition to the proposed Twelve Years' Truce of Oldenbarnevelt. Johan van Oldenbarnevelt is against the transfer of sovereignty to the king of France or to Maurits.

August 20 – Maurits van Oranje recaptures Aardenburg and Sluis. March 22 – Bredevoort is relieved by Frederik Hendrik van Oranje who lets the gang go on very favorable terms, arsenal jerseys with a flying banner and taking plundered goods with them. Just like the year before (against Real Madrid), an unchained Deportivo played their way to an easy 3-1 victory in an almost full stadium, although it had switched to a five-defender system. This company was given the Northern Netherlands monopoly for trade and shipping east of the Cape of Good Hope for a period of twenty-one years. September 22 – Ostend is recaptured after a three-year siege by the Italian Ambrogio Spinola, as army commander in the service of Archduke Albrecht, albeit with the loss of Sluis aan de Staatsen to the north. September – the Amsterdam clergyman Jacobus Arminius is appointed professor of theology in Leiden with the support of Prince Maurits. Maurits van Oranje likes it, in exchange for a position as governor or viceroy. The disagreement about Orange leads to incidents.

July 18 – September 20, the Siege of Grave (1602) is a siege of the Spanish-dominated city of Grave during the Eighty Years' War by the Dutch army led by Maurits van Oranje. The siege of Rijnberk by Ambrogio Spinola during the Eighty Years' War. After a siege of several weeks, Rijnberk had to surrender to the Spanish army. The States army of Maurits van Oranje still tries to relieve the city, but is too weak. October 9 – Battle of Mülheim between Maurice of Orange and Ambrogio Spinola. Albert of Austria was initially unsuccessful as an army commander: his first battle (the Battle of Nieuwpoort) was lost; he himself was even wounded in the throat. May 26 – Battle of Sluis, between the Spanish fleet under Frederico Spinola and the Zeelanders under Joost de Moor. The stadtholders of the United Provinces tried several times to reconquer Antwerp before the Dutch Revolt (1605, 1620, 1624, 1638 (Battle of Kallo), 1646) but failed.

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